Ladies And Gentlemen . . .

Since I've been making so many noises in so many different places on the wacky world of the World Wide Web, I decided to place this in a central place and just post links so people don't have to see it over and over again. This missive is simply to let you know that I'll be dropping off the Web scene for all of March and half of April. Yes, believe it or not, I'm giving up the Internet for Lent.

No, really, I am. It may sound vaguely absurd, but whenever Lent rolls around I take a look at things and notice what habits or obsessions I need to reassess. I've found that the best way to detox from my addictions (be they to wine, caffeine, computers, televison or other such drugs) is to give something up completely to prove to myself that I can actually live without it. I can then resume the habit with a clearer head. Lent gives me a good excuse, if you will, to do this.

So, for the next forty days, starting with Ash Wednesday (February 28) I will be pretty much incommunicado. I will still use e-mail, because I have too many important communicatons going through that to give that up (I still need to coordinate my travel plans with people, after all), but I'll be putting most of my mailing list subscriptions on hold for the duration, and I'll be completely gone from the message boards.

I will probably be seeing many of you in person anyway, when I go to the upcoming Duran Duran shows. (For the record--Monday night in New Orleans, both nights in Orlando, all five nights in Atlanta and both nights in Vegas.) So feel free to catch up with me then.

I'll be bomping around the Web one last time on Shrove Tuesday, so feel free to say all your goodbyes (or good riddances) then. I'll be back online and crazy as ever (if not worse) after Easter.

Thank you one and all for reading my babble and encouraging me in my silliness. You rock, every last one of you.

Cyanide Fish